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African challenge

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African understanding of literature and culture in relation to African American people ‘s challenges of self definition and development

African understanding of literature and culture in relation to African American people ‘s challenges of self definition and development

Africans and African Americans have always struggled due to their black identity . James Baldwin was one writer who tried to lift the heavy burden of blackness from their blackness and to end the oppression which was thrust on them due to their blackness . He said powerfully “Negroes want to be treated like men . Even [banner_entry_middle]

such simple words were misconstrued by opponents like Mr . Parker . Chinua Achebe says that oppression does not automatically produce meaningful struggles . There can be a wide range of responses between silent acceptance and violent rebellion There can also be intermediate type responses such as a vague unfocused dissatisfaction or savage infighting among the oppressed

To answer oppression with appropriate resistance , once needs knowledge of two kinds : self knowledge and knowledge of the enemy . The victim must know the exact name of the oppressor . There should be no false name “If you know whence you came , there is really no limit to where you can go James Baldwin . He thus stressed on the need for African Americans to know where they came from , what their real roots were . Many African Americans believe that Africans sold them as slaves for cheap trinkets and Africans have made nothing of which we can be proud of . Baldwin regrets that African history has nothing much to offer in way of literature , sculpture or arts . There is no documented history of Africa in itself . This is the plain truth and James Baldwin says that African American must first admit this to themselves and to their children . So far , the history of black people has been known only through white people to suit their white interests

More recently , about A .D . 1600 , a Dutch traveler compared the city of Benin in modern Nigeria to Amsterdam . However , the British named Benin “The City of Blood , accused it of human sacrifice practice , dispatched a huge army to overwhelm it and looted its royal art gallery . During the second half of the 19th century , when diseases in West Africa such as Malaria proved to be a threat to British officials , the British appointed a Black man as the governor of Prestown in the 1850s . They also allowed the consecration of a black man as Bishop of the diocese of West equatorial Africa and several Caribbean Blacks were recruited as missionaries and artisans in West Africa . But when the British , through Ronald Ross found a way to combat Malaria , they came back to West Africa and removed from power all the black officials therein . The white people continued to dominate till the independence came to British West African colonies due to collapse of the British Empire

The anti-Black period in modern colonial West African history was followed by a racist literature . When Durham University agreed to affiliate with Fourab… [banner_entry_footer]


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