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African Americans in Advertising

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Advertising has always been a representation of the current popular theme . The 21st century has been representative of the Hip Hop Industry and advertising executives have taken advantage of this theme Advertising commercials are using African Americans in television radio , billboards , and in subjects ranging from cleaning to alcoholic products . Although advertising agencies realize the buying power the African American possess , they still are slow to hire African American executives to creative advertising positions which is perpetuating a pervasive lack of positive realities in [banner_entry_middle]

the urban African American communities

African American ‘s account of 13 of the nations population with a purchasing power of over 720 million . According to Market Publishers of America , African American spending power and market size are expected to grow at rates higher than the rest of the U .S . population . African American youth are a strong target market for advertisers as they make up 40 of the Black community . African-American /Black teens spend 6 more per month than the average U .S . teen , which amounts to a approximately 428 monthly . In addition , male and female African-American /Black teens spend more yearly on items such as clothing , jewelry , computer software and athletic footwear , in comparison to all U .S . teenagers (MPA 7

Advertisers have identified magazines as an integral source to market to African American consumers as eight out of ten Blacks read magazines In 2003 , the top five categories of African American spending in African American /Black magazines are : toiletries and cosmetics , apparel and accessories , automotive , home furnishings and supplies , drugs and remedies

Although African Americans represented an increasing presence in advertising commercials depictions are far from ideal and are thus creating a culture of self-conscience people who use value luxury items as a means of achieving success

Dates and Barlow (1990 , found that black media stereotypes are not the natural , harmless products of an idealized popular culture rather they are more commonly socially constructed images that are selective partial , one dimensional and distorted in their portrayal of African Americans (Locke

Marketers are using well known music industry artists actors /actresses , and athlete ‘s to promote and sell their products by depicting vivid images of luxurious lifestyle . Unfortunately these artists are not aware of the subtle stereotypes they are allowing to be perpetuated in advertising media

Even African American celebrities represented in advertising commercials are less likely to realize this continuum . In a Subway advertisement that aired frequently on MTV , a Caucasian woman asked an African American man is there anything that you love more than chicken . This advertisement continues to perpetuate the stereotype that black people love chicken . Reebok , who advertises often on BET shows two detectives looking at a shoe print , the Caucasian detective then says , we must find our usual suspects . A line-up of all African American men then comes on the screen . While the entire commercial was in color , the line up of the men was in black and white . The utilization of black and white… [banner_entry_footer]


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