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African American History

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Slavery in America was indeed an issue that tested the unity of a newly formed nation whose values regarding freedom and democracy they promoted to their people . At the center of this are the Africans who were bought , sold and turned into slaves to work in plantations under white settlers . As the Africans came to settle in the country , they soon found out a terrible fate waiting for them . They were forced to work in to help keep the economy solvent . African slaves were considered as priced commodity and they were sold and [banner_entry_middle]

bought to work in plantations docks or rich households as servants . As the system of slavery became entrenched in American soil that it became an essential part of American society , Africans became more pathetic in their plight as they were punished at the slightest mistake , worse , even killed . theless despite all these , African slaves were able to device various forms of slave resistance that eventually led to the American Civil War and the recognition of their rights as Americans too

There were various forms of slave resistance that the African slaves engaged in . Some were passive such as pretending to be sick in to escape heavy workload , women pretended to be pregnant so they ‘ll be assigned lighter tasks than those in the plantation . Others pretended to be stupid in to elude punishments that their masters often complained that their slaves are so stupid that they can barely complete a day ‘s work or remember the s given to them . But the most common form of resistance engaged by the slaves was running away . These examples do not show that African slaves were indeed stupid or dull-witted , lazy , helpless and irresponsible as their white masters thought them to be . On the contrary , they are quite brilliant in as much as they used tactics that would give them a lighter load in work

Despite the notions of white Americans about them and the prejudice they have encountered in America , they were able to withstand all of the abuses . They refused to bow down to their white masters and relinquish their African heritage and culture

Hence , despite the acculturation of the Africans into American society the Africans , through their music , stories , folklore and songs were able to survive their heritage and were able to pass these down to the next generation

On the more extreme form of resistance engaged by the slaves against their masters are destroying crops and properties of their white masters . They also assaulted , robbed or killed white settlers in the hope of gaining their freedom . Some even went to the extent of burning and killing their masters as retaliation for the oppressive and harsh treatments given to them . Others also practiced self-mutilation like chopping off certain body parts , or commit suicides just so they cannot work for their masters

As the prejudice and bias against slaves continued , some slaves banded and formed together groups in to escape . These are called maroon… [banner_entry_footer]


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