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African American History

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The causes of the American Civil War have been debated for over a century . Most historians agree that a common theme that remains in those debates is that slavery in the South was the primary cause of the war . President Lincoln and his Republican Party were opposed to the expansion of slavery , but following the 1860 elections did not control either house of Congress . In to abolish slavery required a [banner_entry_middle]

br constitutional amendment , which was unlikely given that it would require a two-thirds majority vote of congress as well as three-quarters of the states . In 1860 , forty-five percents of the nations states were slave states and not likely to be in favor of ratifying the constitution to abolish slavery . Along with the issue of slavery , states ‘ rights are often cited as a cause of the Civil War . There were economic differences that existed between the North and the South . The South believed that they needed to maintain slaves in to maintain their industry and their livelihood . States ‘ rights would provide them with the ability to maintain slave labor if they chose to do so . However states ‘ rights had been a major concern from the writing of the Constitution itself and that the 10th Amendment had been added to elude fears of both Northerners and Southerners who had concerns regarding a powerful central government (Spicer , 2004

The South viewed slave labor as critical to the economy of the South Cotton plantations , though profitable , required the use of slave labor to maintain its industry in to maintain its financial gains . As this grew more sensitive , the South felt they were able to legitimize their beliefs that the North was willing to create legislation as the expense of the South . The North argued that the abolition of slavery was based on a moral judgment . There were those who believed that it was right and just to free the slaves . There were many who knew that the freeing of the slaves would cause hardship economically to slave owners and may cause the economic collapse of the South . Many of the political leaders of the South felt threatened by legislation that would emancipate the slaves , as they were slave owners themselves . Further , what would be done with the slaves once they were free ? It was on this basis that the South justified and politicized their secession from the Union (Grant , 1998

The Southern states believed that they would become a permanent minority grouping of states if they remained in the Union and feared that it was only a matter of time before they would be outvoted by a Northern /Republican-dominated Congress . This belief proved to be true The Northern Republicans had gained control of the congress and did not seek nationwide support for their actions . With the creation of the Republican party in the 1850s and its sectional support in… [banner_entry_footer]


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