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African American History

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African American History

I . Introduction

African Americans , also known as Black Americans , Afro-Americans , and Negroes , form the largest racial minority in the United States . Almost blacks in the United States are descendants of persons abducted in Africa and sold into slavery from early 17th century to the early 19th century . The black minority has had an important influence on American history and culture . The slavery system shaped the society of the South caused deep sectional division , and led to the Civil War and its bitter aftermath . Long a depressed minority after [banner_entry_middle]

ending of slavery , black Americans after World War II opened a determined drive for full freedom and equality . In 1980 , nearly one-fourth of all blacks in the United States lived in the 10 largest cities . They made up about 70 percent of the population in Washington D .C , 63 percent in Detroit , and 55 percent in Baltimore , and from 40 percent to 25 percent in Chicago Philadelphia , Dallas , Houston , and New York (see African American Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia . January 26 , 2007

Formerly , most employed blacks were sharecroppers on farms or unskilled laborers . In the 20th century , the number of professional , technical and semi-skilled work increased steadily . The economic progress of the black population lagged far behind that of the nation as a whole . This lag was due largely to increased unemployment among blacks , as machines took over the jobs of unskilled workers . The unemployment rate among black workers is significantly higher than of white workers

To increase black opportunities in employment , many employers have adopted affirmative action programs , which involve active recruiting of blacks and giving special consideration to blacks for advancement Despite such efforts and despite gains made by blacks in many fields job discrimination remains a problem , but inadequate educational background also hampers many black job-seekers

The intents of this are to (1 ) know the history of African American and (2 ) figure out changes in African Americans in the last 3 decades

II . Background

A . History

Every race has its own past . What they are at present are because of their past experiences . African Americans have extraordinary past that make them strong and strive for the betterment of its people and before knowing what kind of life they have for the past three decades , we should look back first their history

In 1916 a Dutch ship brought 20 African blacks to the English colony of Virginia . The early blacks were not slaves but indentured servants , some of whom gained freedom after a period of years . In 1661 , slavery was recognized as legal in Virginia . By that time , the principle of black slavery had been generally accepted in America

A .1 Colonial Period . Slavery had its greatest growth in the southern colonies where there were many large plantations in need of cheap labor The chief products were tobacco , cotton , sugarcane , and rice . Field slaves , including women and older children , worked in gangs supervised by white or black overseers . Some slaves did skilled labor , and others were… [banner_entry_footer]


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