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African American History

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African American History

The Civil Rights Movement is characterized as a political , social and economic reform aimed to extend rights of black people and national minorities . The movement that occurred between 1956 and 1966 was marked by philosophy of nonviolence and political struggle against segregation and racism . In the context of the Cold War philosophy of nonviolence helped to distinguish moral basis of social relations and national unity vs USSR and a threat of war

Philosophy of Martin Luther King was based on religious doctrines and dogmas . In his public addresses [banner_entry_middle]

he interpreted race relations by means of the biblical Parable of the Good Samaritan , and the Vietnam War in terms of the Prodigal Son . King ‘s agenda did not blind him to the uses of love as a political tactic , nor did it dull his appreciation of the law . Following Hacker (1992 ) and Hampton , Fayer (1990 , this philosophy can be compared with social idealism which was succeeded by more realistic appraisals of human evil , references to the Beloved Community gradually disappeared from King ‘s sermons . Philosophy of nonviolence appealed to blacks and whites underlining divide nature of humans and universal equality . For instance , Bostdorff , and Goldzwig (2005 ) state that in I Have a Dream : Americans subscribe to equality for all but are concerned about the means employed to achieve it , which means affirmative action is a litmus test for liberals as well as conservatives . Both camps endorse equality , but they differ over the methods one should employ to achieve this end (661 . Martin Luther King was a liberal who connects the purposes of social reform with those of Christianity . Following Hacker (1992 ) white Christians had to listen to King because he was speaking their language . He routinely cast the struggle for civil rights in terms of light and darkness , good and evil and the two kingdoms

Another problem faced by African-Americans was segregation which affected all spheres of life : education , social support , political freedom . Century old prejudices and stereotypes of black ‘ and colored ‘ people prevented them from equal social opportunities . This separation from the sources of economic and social distribution is the main factors which limits equal access of all American citizens to national wealth and resources . In to join white and black population , political leaders chose nonviolent actions and political struggle as the only possible ways to fight for freedom and equal rights (Dyer , 2003 . For instance , meetings provided a continuous social commentary on fast-breaking events , a forum for information and tactical planning , a school for correction and instruction in nonviolence , a place of praise and encouragement , but , most of all , a way of keeping together . In their atmosphere of fellowship , ordinary people got a chance to speak up and express their dreams for a better life . The Civil Rights Movement spoke several “languages . Among them was the speech to educate , usually given at major conventions or college commencements the inspirational address (or speech of encouragement , often given at friendly rallies around the country and the civic… [banner_entry_footer]


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