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African American History

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Running Head : African American History

African American History

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In this study , we will try to understand and discuss the various aspects and characteristics of African American History . We will also try to clarify the similarities of these two different and diverse cultures from their past record of various events . In to understand these terms , it is very important to define and describe the definition of some of the significant terms in this regard

An Arabic word Maghrib ‘ means Western ‘ is a region in northwest [banner_entry_middle]

br Africa comprised of Western Sahara , Algeria , Tunisia , and Libya . It also includes the island of Saint Helena in South Atlantic Ocean . It is an area with a vast geography , bioregions , and cultures . Western and southern boundaries of the region form Atlantic Ocean

Modern boundaries , reflects colonial boundaries that cuts across ethnic and cultural lines and divides ethnic groups between countries . West Africa mainly occupies 6 ,140 ,000 HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /square-kilometre-1 ” \t “_top ” km ? of the area and of about one fifth of the entire Africa

Western Africa is the ethnic group in United States also known as Black Americans . The majority of the Black Africans were transported from Central Africa n west during the slave trade era . Others are the immigrants from South America , Africa and the Caribbean


West Africa ‘s history is divided into five main periods . It is very important to describe the former timeline . Therefore , we will try to understand the Pre-History period , which will proceed by the Empire ‘s Period , and then will be lead by the Jihad Period . The Colonialism Period and the Postcolonial West-African Period will be discussed in the last by us

The Prehistory Period

According to the archeological studies , human settles related to pygmies , had arrived West Africa around 12 ,000 B .C .E . Stone industries had also been found in the same era , which made hunting far easier than before . But when the modern west Africans began entering the era , the development of sedentary farming took place and the domesticated cattle was also been introduced . Around 3000 BCE a drastic change took place in the West African society with the invention of fish-hooks and harpoons

Sahel farmers also contributed greatly in the isolation of West Africans from technological and cultural phenomena in Mediterranean coast of Africa and Europe . Moreover , the increasing use of ironworking technology helped farmers to increase productivity , produce crops in surplus and enabled them to improve their weaponry

Combination of these supported the growth of urban cities . By 400 BCE , a link was made with the Mediterranean civilizations but this trade was incomplete until the camels were introduced . By that time West Africans had also started exporting gold , cotton cloth , leather goods and metal ornaments . But later on Ivory , kola nuts and slaves were also been added to their trade


It was founded in the eighteenth century . It expanded rapidly after 800 and started dominating Sudan with n army of 200… [banner_entry_footer]


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