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Freedmen ‘s Bureau

The site freedmensbureau .com discussed the history of the Freedmen ‘s Bureau , including certain data relating to the activities supervised by the Bureau back in the day

The historical account of Freedmen ‘s Bureau states that the same was established on 3 March 1865 by an act in the War Department . It was originally and officially named the Bureau of Refugees , Freedmen and Abandoned Lands . It was created to function as an overseer of relief [banner_entry_middle]

and educational activities concerning refugees and freedmen . These activities included the provision of rations , clothing and medicine . It also took charge of confiscating property in certain states and territories . Most importantly , the bureau created and maintained records and reports of its programs . In addition , the bureau kept records of the conditions of various states at the time (freedmensbureau .com

The site contains information on some of the records kept by the Bureau , such as Records Relating to Murders and Outrages , Records Relating to Freedmen ‘s Labor , and Marriage and Personnel Records from various states for specific years in the 19th Century

The site contains numerous links to relevant matters relating to the functions of the Bureau . One of the links provided refers to Records Relating to Freedmen ‘s Labor . These records include freedmen ‘s labor contracts , which consist of agreements on terms of employment agreed upon by freedmen laborers and planters . It appears that the data kept by the Bureau were very comprehensive , such that records of approved contracts contain details of the name of the employer and the content of the agreement , such as the parties ‘ rights and obligations to each other

The Fourteenth Amendment

The article entitled Fourteenth Amendment , found in www .bartleby .com discusses the different sections which make up the amendments to the United States Constitution

One of the sections in the Amendment relates to citizenship . Under Section 1 , American citizenship depends exclusively on the place of birth of a person . Thus , all persons born or naturalized in the United States are American citizens and citizens of their state of residence The site states that this section was definitive for African Americans because this was the reason for the establishment of the citizenship of their group and it overcome the effect of the Dred Scott Case

Another important section for African Americans is the equal protection clause . The said clause was primarily intended to address economic issues of states however , more pressing issues arose , such as the grievance of African Americans claiming to be victims of discrimination The site discusses that upon such issues , the Court ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment is only concerned with violations of the equal protection clause committed by the state officially

However , the article later on discussed the events leading to the development of the use of the equal protection clause as a means available to African Americans to enjoy the same rights that benefit other Americans

The Enforcement Acts

The Enforcement Acts… [banner_entry_footer]


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