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David Walker ‘s Appeal , Frederick Douglass and

The Black Convention Movement

A brief look of David Walker ‘s Appeal , Frederick Douglass and

The Black Convention Movement

David Walker ‘s Appeal

David Walker ‘s Appeal refers to the pamphlet `Appeal ‘ by Walker , aimed at anti-slavery , which was first published in September 1829 . The document was addressed to the colored people mainly to those living in the United States . Walker saw slavery as a racist evil practice of America and believed that education and Christianity were the basics of black [banner_entry_middle]

struggle . Many consider his pamphlets as the Most notorious document in America

David Walker was the son of a slave father and a free black mother , born either in 1796 or 1797 . He was legally a free black as his mother was free . Although he was free , he saw firsthand the sufferings of the slaves . The appeal was intended to infuse a sense of all slaves . The appeal called the slaves to rise against their masters He inculcated the thinking that slave masters had no concern for the lives of the slaves and for the murdering of slaves . Therefore he said when murderous attempts are made , slaves must be prepared to kill or be killed . Walker tried to remove apprehensions of slaves killing their owners and emphasized that killing murderous masters are normal like a thirsty man drinking water

The Appeal protested against the colonization plans , which intended to move free blacks to Africa . Walker opinioned that America was for all who had shed their blood and tears to build the country . He saw blacks as having more claims on the country than whites Within weeks of publication , copies of Appeal were available in Savannah , Georgia and in few months time , they were also available in Virginia and Louisiana . The Appeal made a big impact in the South and whites offered a 3000 reward for Walker ‘s head . Walker died after publishing the third edition of his Appeal in June 1830

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was an advocate for racial equality and abolition of slavery . Fredrick was born in February 1818 to a slave woman and an unknown white man . He spent his early years with his grandparents and happened to see his mother only a few times in life . Even in his childhood he was exposed to the difficulties of slave life , having personally witnessed many brutal whippings . He went to Baltimore when he was eight , where he lived with a ship carpenter , which according to him was the turning point of his life

After some years , he was made to return to the country where he was hired for farm work and was miserably treated . On September 3 , 1838 he fled to New York City and a few weeks later he was in New Bedford , Massachusetts . Douglass continued to read and tried to educate himself . He was inspired by William Lloyd Garrison , whom he saw in the Bristol Anti-Slavery Society ‘s annual meeting in 1841 . Douglass subscribed to Garrison ‘s… [banner_entry_footer]


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