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African Americans keenly engaged in the cause of American independence fought courageously in the early conflicts with the British . Though the revolution liberated some African Americans and set the country on a path toward the elimination of slavery , political adjustment to plantation owners prevented release for many African Americans in the south for another 90 years

A Negro was among the first martyrs in the wave of patriotism . African Americans fought at the battles of [banner_entry_middle]

Lexington and Concord . One of the last men injured in the battle as the British runaway to Boston was a Negro , Prince Estabrook , from West Lexington

In the next 2 months , Peter Salem and other 20 African Americans were in the ranks , when the British attacked an American site outside Boston in the Battle of Bunker Hill . Congress required support from the South if the colonies were to triumph in their independence war against England Since southern plantation owners desired to keep their slaves , they were scared to give arms to African Americans (Lawler , 2002

On March 5 , 1770 , Crispus Attucks along with several other patriots from Boston objected to the British restricting the civil liberties in their Massachusetts colony . Attucks and his fellows were shot and killed during a fight with British soldiers . More than 5 ,000 African Americans later took up the cause and fight for America ‘s independence . Unluckily independence for most African Americans would have to wait (Owens 2002

Congress commanded all African Americans to be terminated from the army but African American veterans requested directly to George Washington Washington took up their cause with John Hancock , the then president of the Continental Congress . African Americans serving in the army were permitted to stay , but new hiring was prohibited

Though the Declaration of Independence affirms that “all men were created equal ” many African Americans shortly observed more prospects on the British side . The British governor of Virginia assured instant independence and income to any Negro who would join the Royal army . The devotions of African Americans were a grave concern for the American leaders for the reason that African Americans were around twenty percent out of the two-million colonial population . With the British army already in obvious majority , the American troops , and hiring hard for the patriots , the northern colonies before long began to recruit African Americans . Rhode Island formed a regiment almost completely of African Americans . As the battle continued , colonies which were far south like for instance Virginia and Maryland were enlisting free African Americans for the independence war

As the war stretched out into the South , Congress realized it needed to enlist slaves as soldiers . It suggested paying South Carolina slave owners 1 ,000 for male slaves . The South Carolina Assembly warned to leave the war , ending the plan in the southernmost colonies

Enlistment of African Americans to the American independence continued further north , but the patriots were comparatively less triumphant than the British . The… [banner_entry_footer]


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