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Aeneas is a soldier, rather than a worrior. Explain

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Aeneas is no warrior

In Greek Mythology , Aeneas is the son of Prince Anchises and the goddess Aphrodite , who is also popularly known as Venus in Roman myth . With the unwavering support of his own mother , Aeneas led the pro-Trojans camp of Dardanians . He was a principal lieutenant of Hector , the son of the Trojans ‘ King Priam

Virgil ‘s Aeneid tells the tale of how Aeneas ‘ journey from Troy had paved the way for founding the city that would become Rome . Aeneas is also a character in [banner_entry_middle]

Homer ‘s Iliad and Shakespeare ‘s Troilus and Cressida . Ultimately , Aeneas is a significant forceful character in Greek and Roman myths

Virgil ‘s Aeneid hints that Romulus and Remus were both descendants of Aeneas through their mother Aphrodite . It then means that Aeneas is the main progenitor of the Roman people ergo , some early sources call him the Roman ‘s father or grandfather

However , there has been a lot of discussion as to whether or not Aeneas deserves to be given a high-ranking and glorious position in the myths There would not have a lot of debate about what to make of Aeneas if he had been more of a prudent man , or if he had a dogged determination to follow through what was destined of him , or if he didn ‘t need his mother ‘s help so much in to win his battles

In the Greek Mythology , Mercury once said to Aeneas ‘So now you are laying foundations for the high towers of Carthage and building a splendid city to your wife ? Have you entirely forgotten your own kingdom and your own destiny (Bk . 4 ,

. 89

Truly , Aeneas is a man who is easily distracted and tempted to be thrown off course . It does not take too much to bring him down , except he had been favored by some gods . For one , Apollo favored him more than the others . Further , his mother was no less than the iconic Aphrodite , who frequently came to his aid . Still , as far as his devotion to his duty is concerned , Aeneas could be so annoyingly frustrating

On top of that , there is nothing to be desired in Aeneas when it comes to his taking care of the women in his life

I never saw her again . Nor did I look behind me or think of her or realise that she was lost (Bk . 2 ,


Aeneas let Cruesa off his mind and then the Greek forces killed her Aeneas was just as guilty whe Dido went to the Underworld , that he exclaimed to her ‘Alas ! Alas ! Was I the cause of your dying (6 ,


Truly , it was hard to find redemption in Aeneas , especially as a leader of his troops . What kind of leader would wander away from his troops for whatever reason

Surely , a good warrior will know that vulnerability is something that should never happen in your camp . Vulnerability is a lull , a weakening… [banner_entry_footer]


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