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advance practice nurse

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Advance practice nurse

Advanced nursing practice is a term that describes an advanced level of nursing practice that maximizes the use of in-depth nursing knowledge and skill in meeting the health needs of clients (individuals , families groups , populations , or entire communities . In this way , advanced nursing practice extends the boundaries of nursing scope of practice and contributes to nursing knowledge and the development and advancement of the profession

Currently , the most recognized role of advance practice nurse is that of the clinical nurse specialist . Although the term advanced nursing practice [banner_entry_middle]

is frequently used to describe the practice of nurses in such a role , until recently , there has not been agreement within the profession about the definition and nature

Under the umbrella term of advanced nursing practice , four distinct roles are identified : nurse practitioner , nurse midwife , clinical nurse specialist , and nurse anesthetist

The cornerstone of advanced nursing practice is expertise in a specialized area of nursing . Clinical experience and additional education equip the nurse with the skill to synthesize from a broad range of nursing , experiential and scientific knowledge in addressing the health concerns of clients along a continuum of care

Nurse practitioners believe that they and other colleagues should be able to practice in an employment situation which gives equal right and responsibilities , to everyone operating at the same standard

The advance practice nurses should provide consultation to both colleagues and clients and have a vision for nursing practice within the context of the health care system

The minimal educational preparation for advance nurse practice is a graduate degree in nursing . A formal graduate degree program in nursing is valued , because it covers the growing theoretical base of nursing promotes nursing research and the incorporation of new knowledge into the nurse ‘s practice and evaluates and documents the nurse ‘s achievements

The central focus of nursing practice is clinical practice in which there is a direct relationship between nurse and client . Direct care is supported by nursing education , research and administration

A clinical nurse specialist is a registered nurse who holds a master ‘s or doctoral degree in nursing with expertise in a clinical nursing specialty . An expert practitioner , the clinical nurse specialist provides direct care , education and consultation to clients , as well as education and consultation to the healthcare

The United States is the country with the most well developed advanced practice roles and the greatest degree of consensus on the nature and scope of advanced practice . In the U .S , there are four established advance nurse practice roles : nurse practitioner , nurse-midwife , nurse anesthetist , and clinical nurse specialist . All but the nurse-midwife role require graduate education , although the majority of nurse-midwives have masters or doctoral degrees

All registered nurses are personally and professionally accountable for their actions . Legislation and regulation of advanced practice nurses should be set up using a professional practice model in which practitioners have sole authority for their practice , clear standards of practice , accountability for decision-making , and maintaining skills . As well , legislation and regulation should protect… [banner_entry_footer]


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