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Nursing , I believe , is a profession that requires a caring attitude This is the attitude that I currently foster as I trod down the path towards being a Licensed Practical Nurse . In the course of my research I have learned about the Masters of Science in Nursing , Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN-FNP ) Track program at the University of Tennessee Memphis . The contents of the course seem very challenging as it involves several methods of instructing and equipping of the students . I have learned that the [banner_entry_middle]

curriculum is a competency-based curriculum where the student can learn through a modified self-paced manner . The features in the course curriculum that appeal to me most are the nursing skill laboratory demonstrations as well as using audiovisual and computer educational programs and equipment . These two features are very vital in immersing students in the most thorough way possible in the Masteral aspects of Nursing . I was impressed upon seeing that clinical experts are actively involved in programs of practice . Even the courses are technologically advanced as the courses in the MSN program are Web-mediated . The MSN program helps develop an advanced level of clinical competence that will surely give consumers with competent health care . It shall also develop a research base for a systematic review , testing and evaluation of nursing care actions . That means there is a responsibility built into it . The research and practice foundation are also up to par with the higher studies that could be pursued later

As a nurse , one is responsible for the recovery and the safety of people who are immensely ill or injured people . A nurse is also tasked to maintain the health of those people who are already healthy . This role is important because of the range and scope of conditions that a nurse has to attend to . Knowing all of this , I have looked back and have seen that my passion for caring for other people when they are physically unable to care for themselves has prompted me to serve others as a nurse . I have also been exposed to the plight of the several millions of people in the world who are in need of medical and physical aid . This is one of my burdens as an applying masteral student of nursing – to know advanced skills in the care of the sick and to help cope with their pain and replace it with relief and cure

My academic goals are to be able to start strong and finish strong . I expect and want nothing else but the highest marks in each and every subject as I truly have a passion for the nursing profession . I hope to become a highly competent nurse and I am dead-set on making it a reality . I have also discovered that there are nursing career advancement opportunities available for those who are already registered nurses . These programs are specifically tailor-fit to my professional goal that is to continue on improving my career and… [banner_entry_footer]


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