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Accountability of Nursing Professionals

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Accountability of Nursing Professionals

Nursing Practice and Profession

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Nurses committed to the interpersonal caring hold themselves accountable for the human well being of patients entrusted to their health care Being accountable means being attentive and responsive to the health care needs of individual patient . It means that my concern for the patient transcends whatever happens during my shift , and that I ensure continuity of care when I leave the patient . In today ‘s highly fragmented system of care , patients often find themselves unable to [banner_entry_middle]

point to any one care giver who knows the overall situation and is capable and willing to coordinate the efforts of the healthcare team Being responsive and responsible earns a patient ‘s trust that all will be well ‘ as the healthcare needs are addressed . This will be the central them of this in the quest of establish the nurse ‘s accountabilities in evaluating or implementing change

Nurses who are sensitive to the legal dimensions of practice are careful to develop a strong sense of both ethical and legal accountability Competent practice is a nurses ‘ best legal safeguard . When working to develop ethical and legal accountabilities , nurses must recognize that both deficiencies and or excesses of responsible caring are problematic Although it is reasonable to hold oneself accountable for promoting the human well being of the patients , nurses can err by setting unrealistic standards of responsiveness and responsibility for themselves . Prudence is always necessary to balance responsible self care with care for others . Inexperienced nurses might feel effecting patient outcomes beyond their control and become frustrated and sad when unable to produce the desired outcome Conversations about what is reasonable to hold ourselves and others accountable for are always helpful

Each employing institution or agency providing nursing service has an obligation to establish a process for reporting and handling practices by individual or by health care systems that jeopardizes a patient ‘s health or safety . The American Nurses Association code of Ethics obligates nurses to report professional conduct that is incompetent unethical or illegal . For nurses , incompetent practice in measured by nursing standards , unethical practice is evaluated in light of the professional codes of ethics , while illegal practice is identified in terms of violation of federal legislations and laws . Nurses must respect the accountability and responsibility inherent in their roles . They have the moral obligations in the provision of nursing care , hence they collaborate with other health care providers in providing comprehensive health care , recognizing the perspective and expertise of each member Nurses have a moral right to refuse to participate in procedures that may violate their own personal moral conscience since they are entitled to conscientious objection . They must keep all information obtained in a professional capacity confidential and employ professional judgment in sharing this information on a need to know basis . Nurses are expected to protect individuals under their care against lack of privacy by confining their verbal communications only to appropriate personnel settings , and to professional purposes . They are… [banner_entry_footer]


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