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Acceleration by Graham McNamee

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Acceleration by Graham McNamee (book review

This is a great book that keeps the reader hooked into it . Once you start reading the book , it is almost impossible to put it down . The main characters in this book is Duncan , a seventeen year old boy and his friends Vinny and Wayne . One of the other main characters are a serial killer with the nickname of Roach . The beginning of the book Acceleration , is very slow and not a lot goes on . But , as the book goes on . there is more action . There is [banner_entry_middle]

also a lot of detail that lets the reader understand the story , the situation , and the characters . Graham McNamee , the author of the book , is a great writer who definitely knows how to catch the readers attention and how to keep them on their toes

This novel is about a seventeen year old boy who is tormented by the tragic event that happened on a September afternoon , last summer , where he was not able to save a girl from drowning . Not being able to save the girl really affected his life , especially with his relationship with his girlfriend Kim . After that incident , he is also terrified of swimming especially when he gets horrible nightmares that haunt him . Then , this summer , he finds a job working for the lost and found department of the Toronto Transit Commission , which is the Toronto subway . He calls this room “The Dungeon ” because it is way below the busy streets of the city His job consists of looking through piles of things that people have left in the subway , basically just junk , in where he works from nine in the morning to five o ‘ clock in the afternoon from Monday through Friday . Duncan takes this as an opportunity to escape from the horrible memories of the tragedy . At the same time , he also thinks that this job is a nightmare , in where it is the most boring summer job in the whole face of the planet

One day , at the job , while he is looking through dusty shelves and boxes of piles of items that were lost and that are unclaimed , he discovers a little brown leather book . This is where the novel starts to get more and more interesting . Duncan ‘s job is all of a sudden , not so boring anymore . The book he finds is not just some regular book , but it is a diary-like journal filled with writing with no name on it . It is a diary that belongs to a psycho , madman , serial killer and it is filled with deep dark secrets . Duncan cannot stop reading this diary and he cannot stop thinking about the fact that the writer of this diary , a killer , Roach

Duncan is shocked as he explores deeper into the diary in where he reads details about the writer ‘s experiments on how the sadistic man tortures and abuses animals . There are also s of him setting fires . As Duncan reads further and further… [banner_entry_footer]


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