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Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell research brings with it many potentials and benefits that can help mitigate and even solve the sufferings of mankind . Regardless of these , the future of the research in the soils of America remains uncertain because many religious and conservative groups oppose and campaign against it for what they consider as moral and ethical issues It is however herein argued that Stem Cell research is an important means of finding ways to treat and cure diseases and [banner_entry_middle]

as such , should be conducted and supported

What are Stem Cells

Stem cells are unspecialized type of human or animal cells that can produce mature specialized body cells such as blood cells , heart cells and brain cells , and at the same time replicate themselves “Stem Cells . Stem cells can repair or replace damaged body tissues because stem cells are less likely than other foreign cells to be rejected by the immune system when implanted in the body “Stem Cells . They are primarily categorized into embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells

Embryonic stem cells can be extracted from a blastocyst or a very young embryo , about four to five days old and comprised of 200 to 250 cells Embryonic cells can develop to into any of the 220 cell types of the human body given the necessary stimuli . Otherwise , these embryonic cells continue to divide and the new cells retain the ability to develop into any mature cell type

The abilities to replicate itself and to develop into any mature cell type make the embryonic cell a potential cure to a number of diseases and injuries

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Adult stem cells can be extracted from the tissues of both adult and children without inflicting harm or death to the subject . Adult stem cells function to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues “Stem Cells . Most researchers , however , agree that there are limited uses of adult stem cells such that unlike embryonic stem cells that can develop into any of the 220 types of cells , adult stem cells can only be used to produce some of these 220 human cells . Thus scientists and researchers prefer using embryonic stem cells over adult stem cells because the latter is less versatile and have limited uses than embryonic stem cells

Stem Cell Research Background

Stem cell research was commenced by studies conducted by James A Thomson and his colleagues at the University of Wisconsin who isolated the first human embryonic stem cells from human embryos . The findings of the study was published in the journal Science where Thomson and his group reported that they have created self- perpetuating colonies in culture by harvesting embryonic stem cells from leftover embryos (Hall .While Thomson ‘s findings were viewed by the scientific community as a breakthrough because of the embryonic cells ‘ medical potentials controversy also surfaced . Those who oppose stem cell research primarily led by conservative and religious groups contend that the research should be halted and abandoned because… [banner_entry_footer]


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