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A Taste of Weightlessness

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The Relativity of Weight


People who are struggling with obesity should be delighted to know that the human body ‘s weight is actual relative , and that human ‘s position in space . The human would body weigh differently on different planets in our solar system , and different points in our universe . Our universe appears to be inviting us to explore the infinite possibilities it offers , including infinite dimensions in space . The possibilities we are offered , provided , of course , that we are genuinely interested in miracles , include the experience of weightlessness . In [banner_entry_middle]

this , we shall discuss the phenomenon of weightlessness being experienced under different conditions by scientists and researchers alike , and not very far from where we are right at this point The Relativity of Weight

Many astronauts have experienced the phenomenon of weightlessness . Now laymen are experiencing it too . Thus begins Glenn Zorpette ‘s article A Taste of Weightlessness : Our Reporter Flies On NASA ‘s Zero-G-Simulating `Vomit Comet ‘ published in Scientific American (1999

Flush and excited in Houston ‘s late-summer heat , some of the visiting collegians are


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dreaming of becoming astronauts , and others are bent on publishing their first scientific

Just about all of them are quietly hoping they won ‘t throw up . They are a select group , their

proposals having won them a chance to carry out an experiment in the intermittently

weightless cargo bay of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ‘s gravitybeating

KC-135A aircraft

The airplane , a military version of Boeing ‘s 707 jetliner , is the world-renowned “Vomit

Comet ” Twice a year the space agency makes it available for a couple of weeks to

undergraduate researchers under a program administered by the Texas Space Grant

Consortium . On each flight about 15 students and half a dozen journalists get a taste (perhaps

literally ) of weightlessness

NASA has used the Vomit Comet since the 1960s , mainly for researchers to experience the virtual absence of gravitational forces for brief spells – around twenty to thirty seconds . The KC-135A takes enthusiastic people on board based on the principal that an airplane can fly in a parabolic arc repetitively to create an environment in which Earth ‘s gravity is basically neutralized . This experience of microgravity is also a taste of what many would-be astronauts would experience in space KC-135A is not the only way of experiencing weightlessness , however Astronauts also use the neutral buoyancy water tanks to prepare for space (Toto , 2005

The underwater tank programs for astronauts do not truly produce a gravity-free environment for them . Even so , it is in the water that astronauts make believe that they are actually in outer


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space , and floating freely . Astronauts have been known to practice repair procedures in this environment , too . The buoyancy tanks do help astronauts adjust to space environment by allowing them to learn how their bodies would move and adjust themselves in a different condition of gravity . Further , these individuals have weights to their extremities… [banner_entry_footer]


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