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A Streetcar Named Desire

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“Stella , oh , Stella , Stella ! Stella for Star ” Scene 1 , pg . 152

Perhaps the most well-known and oft used line in the play by Tennessee Williams entitled “A Streetcar named Desire , which is a powerful tale of lust , poverty and decay . Being a fairly modern text (1940s ) it is very readable and entirely relevant to a modern audience . A fascinating play to study , A Streetcar Named Desire , is a gripping tragedy which comes highly recommend to anyone and everyone . The play follows Blanche ‘s visit and the tensions which this causes . Tennessee Williams [banner_entry_middle]

uses the characters of Blanche and Stanley to represent the North and the South , the old and the new , refinery and animal instinct

The basic plot : Blanche DuBois , down on her luck is obliged to move in with her sister Stella and Stella ‘s husband Stanley . Blanche Dubois from the South , goes to stay with her sister , Stella , and her husband Stanley , in the North . Blanche appears shocked and unimpressed by the conditions in which her sister has come to be accustomed to because she is used to living the high life , and is not comfortable ‘slumming it ‘ in an apartment where men gather to drink and gamble . The tensions between the three rise , leading to violence and abuse . Blanche is rude demanding and flirtatious , a combination which gradually enrages Stanley

Tennessee Williams uses metaphors to get across to the reader particular points of view and to hint at the past lives of the characters . For example , Blanche tells Stella how it was the Streetcar named desire which brought her to the area i .e . it was desire which brought her to lose everything which she had and be forced to live with her sister

It is clear from the beginning that one of the difficulties lies in developing the play to make its plot slowly unfold . The problem with this is that so much of its vital content exists in subtext and so much of that subtext depends on the unreliable statements made by Blanche . It would appear that Blanche ‘s sexual forays have caused a good deal of the trouble in her life , that she is unable to adapt to having limited financial means , that she is accustomed to trading sex for resources and that she is deeply prejudiced . It ‘s possible to see her as someone who brings her fate on herself , or as a mentally unstable victim who is abused by those around her

The second difficulty arises from the fact that so little of Stella and Stanley are seen throughout the play without Blanche that it becomes hard to tell what was normal for them and what is resultant from Blanche ‘s presence . Has Stanley always been a violent man , sexually predatory and ruthlessly dominate , or does this behaviors begin as a response to Blanche (Personally , I suspect the latter , given how Stella relates to her husband , but it is open to interpretation

The play tackles issues of poverty – both physical and personal… [banner_entry_footer]


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