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This report gives a thorough study of the past and present customer relations management efforts of Virgin Atlantic Airways as well as the future developments that people can expect from the airway and from the airline industry as a whole . Customer relations management has been one of the important tools of the flying trade . Primarily , it is the need to gain competitive advantage . There are many airlines now compared to the past , and each airline hopes to get a portion of the traveling packs

While it is not always a sunny [banner_entry_middle]

day for Virgin Atlantic Airways – it also has its dose of downs and a share of detractors . Very likely for any popular trade name , and Virgin Atlantic , it seems , did not mind . The expertise of its customer representatives still continues to extend the expectations of many customers

Thus , A Strategic Analysis of Virgin Atlantic ‘s Customer Relationship Management aims to discuss the beginnings and the customer relations management processes of Virgin Atlantic Airways , explore the features and technological improvements that Virgin Atlantic has implemented explore on whether or not Virgin Atlantic Airways outsource their CRM and , if they do , know if it is beneficial and how other airline companies can benefit from it ? and acquire the views of previous customers about their experience on Virgin Atlantic

This finally proves the assertion that Virgin Atlantic has made a successful attempt at putting their company on the roster of those with the best customer service management , especially in the airlines category . With the excellence presently being shown by Virgin Atlantic Airways with its advocacy for customer service , they can be considered a model in their own right in the customer management relations field in the airline industry… [banner_entry_footer]


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