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A Definition of `Literature`

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A Subjective Definition of Literature

Literature is a thought-provoking printed body of important work of art that has the ability to transcend many generations . It is timeless in nature . Literature can represent the glory of one powerfully creative mind , just as it can also represent the richness in glory of one race and effectively , one world

There is ambiguity in what a literature really is , but it is generally accepted as a work of art in printed form . It is in text , or printed [banner_entry_middle]

musical notes as part of a composition . Even a text about science or any technical matter for that matter — even as science and art are sometimes considered as polar extremes — can be deemed as literature if it is written with such an impressive style and organization that can prove useful for a sector or generation of people . Meanwhile , some pieces of work can easily be determined as non-literature . Scholars in the world may argue on what a literature really is , and how it can be classified accordingly . However , they can agree on one thing : that a piece of work that does not generate a discussion is not literature , but only a failed attempt at creating one

While literature certainly opens a lot of room for subjectivity , the most obvious thing about it is it has the ability to generate appreciation from a group of minority . Sometimes , a piece of literature can generate worldwide cross-cultural acceptance . Some other times , one sector negates the popularity of a perceived literature by another sector , for reasons that may include style , theme , approach or any other criteria that can be highly subjective . However , a complete all-encompassing positive acceptance is not part of the criteria that should be used in classifying a body of work as literature . That it has grabbed attention , and has tickled the mind of a curious group or sector , and has effectively provoked a discussion or a strong rebuttal makes literature what it is – a material for mental and interpersonal even cross-cultural , or effectively global discourse

Anyone who makes an attempt at giving a strictly formal definition to literature is likely to fail because the public and the scholars generally differ in how to perceive a body of work regardless of its nature or genre – whether it is a musical composition , prose , poetry or essay . The process in which a body of work is gauged for its level of importance will always be tricky because what may be important to some sector , may be useless to another group

However , once a piece of printed or textual artistic work has generated public or academic reaction , such that its effect and impact lingers (or can potentially linger ) after many generations , then it is unwise to deny its right to be deemed as literature . Indeed , literature is timeless in nature , as it has to be unlimited in its ability to create an impact among generations . The way to gauge may be blurry… [banner_entry_footer]


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