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A Competent Teacher.

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What constitutes a competent teacher

In our quest for quality education , a teacher who is considered as the key factor in any teaching-learning situation needs to be competent to effectively transmit knowledge , skills and values they gained . But in so doing , what should really characterize or constitute a competent teacher to be able to accomplish these tasks ? What should be her roles to the learning of the students ? What should be her goals to accomplish in the lives of her students

One aspect of a competent teacher is that she has to [banner_entry_middle]

set goals for her students to ensure that they can accomplish not only to the optimum level of the students ‘ learning but if possible to the maximum that they can attain . This is so for the reason that students will not be under her care all the time for soon they will leave the nest and be on their own to face reality . Hence , preparing them to a literate functional lifelong learning should be one of the teachers ‘ goals . How then is this accomplished

A teacher herself is a learner , therefore , a teacher who is willing to learn from her students is competent , in a way that she can enter into the world of her students and is able to allow them to conceptualize and synthesize what they have in mind . A competent teacher recognizes that the learning of the students is not limited to a four wall classroom but rather their exposures and real life experiences intertwine with their inbred knowledge to be unfolded in the school setting . Here , the competent teacher does not look at herself as final and infallible rather she is open to students ‘ ideas , and refuses the notion that only she has the final word . Both teacher and students exchange ideas , as Freire (1970 ) puts it in his pedadogy of the oppressed or his liberation theory that genuine learning occurs when a teacher and students engage in a shared , ongoing dialogue that creates knowledge . Knowledge is created when teachers and students share and critically reflect upon their experiences . An important moment occurs when teachers and students begin to evaluate critically what they know . After which , along with the students can draw conclusion and lessons for practical outworking In this way competent a teachers is able to develop the critical thinking of students and not just learning by rote . Although Freire absolutely rejects the idea of the teacher transferring knowledge to students , I still believe there is a room for it , considering that we cannot deny the world operates in certain standards besides the fact that rules and must be maintained

Learning is easier , quicker and more effective when a student has a good and positive attitude . Usually students have a good and positive attitude or outlook in learning when they are assured that they are being cared of . A competent teacher leads students to this attitude . It means that the one caring receives the other for the interval of caring completely and… [banner_entry_footer]


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