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a bad habbit that people can not get raid of

April 3, 2016 | Author: | Posted in social issues, social sciences

A Bad Habit People Cannot Get Rid Of

I sat in the promenade area of the local shopping mall one afternoon My mission was to observe the people in the mall and see their reaction to things happening around them . I wanted to see if I could spot a person or people with a bad habit . Within my first 15 minutes in the mall , I found the answer to my question . The bad habit that people could not get rid of was not being able to keep track of time . This causes them [banner_entry_middle]

to arrive late and make people wait for them

This is a very bad habit that , even though I dislike in other people , I have to admit , that I am sometimes guilty of it as well . Why can ‘t people get rid of the habit of being late ? Considering how much people today rely on their watches and Blackberry ‘s to keep track of time and meetings , you would think that nobody will ever be late or make people wait for them ever again

A person ‘s creativity is at its finest when making up excuses for being late . Whether it is a true reason or not is on their conscience . I just with that there was a way to break this bad habit . Some say that it is a part of everyday life and we should be used to waiting . I say this is wrong . Being late means that time is wasted . Time that could have been used productively otherwise . Making people wait means we are missing opportunities to make other people respect us . A late person never leaves a good first or last impression… [banner_entry_footer]


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