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Police Stress


This study was undertaken to attempt to find a better way to understand stress and stress related problems amongst law enforcement professionals . Finding a better way to address these problems would be a way of improving public safety services for all , while saving lives and families . This study investigated a number of risk factors related to stress related emotional problems , in particular , by members of the New York City Police Department . A number of sub problems were also researched in an attempt to see if the NYPD has [banner_entry_middle]

a larger problem with stress then other comparable agencies . This study looked into the effect that police organizational issues has upon stress related emotional problems . The effect that police culture has upon the prevention and intervention programs was also explored

Police Stress


It is widely known that police work has some degree of danger involved To police officer ‘s violence , murder , and sexual assault are everyday occurrences in many police agencies especially in large urban departments (FBI Crime Index . Another danger factor within police work is the occurrence of injury and line of duty death , whether by events involving enforcement of the law or in the performance of aiding the public . Law enforcement professionals currently are faced with a new challenge that can bring harm or death-the threat of both international and domestic terrorism . Law enforcement professionals are faced with these on a daily basis they are also faced with the fact that they are empowered through legal statute to take the life of another human being with proper justification (New York State Penal Code ) and may do so in the course of their duties

To address this problem one must look at the causes and or risk factors involved . The definition of stress has had a number of meanings , in regard to both psychological terms and physical demands . Physiological stress deals with how stress affects the human body with symptoms of increased heart rate increase in blood pressure , ulcers and bodily discomfort . Psychological stress has a more complicated definition with psychologists referring to the term stress to relate to the body ‘s psychological changes that occur and anxiety to define the effects of those changes (Roberg et al , 2002 . This will use the following definition of stress “the imbalance between the demands and the perceived ability to respond to them (Vito , 2004

Risk Factors

Critical Stress Incidents and PTSD : The critical incident stressors listed above are ones that are not faced by a majority of people in our society . Listed amongst the top ten stressors in police work are the following (Stevens , 2005 Vito , 2004 : violent death of a partner in the line of duty dismissal taking the life of another in the line of duty shooting another in the line of duty suicide of an officer who is a close friend violent death of another in the line of duty murder committed by a police officer duty related violent injury (shooting stabbing etc violent job… [banner_entry_footer]


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