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4th year english-MYAL a novel by Erna Brodber

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Myal is a story where primal human beings are routed to the consciousness of animals . This collective consciousness inspires a small Jamaican village to move beyond the norm . They make changes that are designed to awaken people who have been placed almost in a coma when regarded with the spirit world . It ‘s referred to as zombification that leads to their surrender to the colonies ‘ ideology . Brodber taps into the notion that the characters are losing their individual spirit and drive . In essence , this is a story where spirit is brought to mesh [banner_entry_middle]

with matter

When we look into the thematic structure of such a massive and empowering book as Myal , the theories behind this analysis must consider a variety of elements . Myal is motivated by an aesthetic and deeply spiritual front . Erna Brodber uses spiritual slants to overwhelm the critical eye of many readers . It ‘s done with such beauty , compassion and grace that the Brodber ‘s spiritual intent rings true

In to fully understand Myal , readers , first and foremost , must be open to the notion of the spiritual realm . For , the spirit resides in us all and , according to Brodber , this realm can dramatically impact an individual and culture . So , readers need to accept the karmic nature of this animal-human consciousness . Without acceptance , the reader will be lost in his or her own questions as to the validity surrounding Brodber ‘s work . In fact , many of Ms . Brodber ‘s published stories are centered around the spirit within and how we can connect on metaphysical levels

In Myal , we are led to believe – if we ‘ve got that openness to believing in the spiritual realm – that there is a plane of timelessness filled with an all-knowing presence . We might liken it to a communal conscious connection . This timeless plane works on individuals , coaxing them into assurance . This assurance , through communication by way of animal consciousness , is a way for the spirits to free humans from the coma-like state they are in . When I speak of coma , I am referring to humanities ‘ gridlock ideology that is centered on material gain which is a driving force in Brodber ‘s theme

Myal also assumes that in for this medium to function , human participation takes place in a pre-set spiritual . This spiritual works , both , inside and outside of time – something very difficult to grasp , for there aren ‘t any tangibles to reference . It all works within the human and animal consciousness . This link is where the spirit world comes to us , trying to lead us out of this coma

Again , it ‘s vital to probe into history and visualize the spirit-world at work . In Myal a lightening storm that was created by humans destroys the countryside of Grove Town , Jamaica in 1919 . We see a falling away of a Jamaican culture . Beyond this decimation , we discover two men who continue a conversation that lasts a thousand years . Brodber is hoping to impress upon readers that the powers and possibilities… [banner_entry_footer]


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