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3G : Regulatory Issues

3G Regulatory Issues

1 /30 /2007

The world is full of technology from many different areas and it is all being brought together through the telecommunications industry . The 3G Americas system wants to encourage growth among wireless advancement Because the system is an engagement of national and international organizations , associations and teams they focus on issues critical to the development of better services . Because the scope of this area is not yet defined it is also not fully understood . Here are some basic concerns that may be [banner_entry_middle]

addressed in the near future


Systems Behavior



The United States has implemented a FCC Training Program for Telecommunications Regulators . They help the Federal Communications Commission (FCC ) make web-based programs to train worldwide on many different policies , regulatory matters and other issues

One covered concerning the 3G technologies would be convergence When technology leaders consolidated network they had to be sure that this new system would be capable of handling all traffic services . This means , too , that they merge data services as well . They wanted to retain higher profit margins with them compared to voice services . Carriers moved to the new 3G technologies , made massive investments and are now racing to generate huge profits . Those in charge of funds are considering cost to participate and the time to market . They have all considered the great value of this service before entering the market

The participating joiners of 3G cellular telecommunication are setting up an independent company to look over property claims for the technology . Some have objected to this procedure due to the lack of effort to be a full patent or licensing agency . It is only speculation The 3G Patent Platform , set up by the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS ) group will continue as a single door entry for evaluation , certifying and licensing 3G technology Primarily this is the only outlet before releasing to public for evaluation

National Telecommunications of Information Association (NTIA ) has a unique role of advancing policies and promoting benefits of development in the US . Because the FCC and the NTIA work on behalf of different agencies they join together to make sure spectrum needs are met . Their job is getting harder since the revolution of the 3G technologies . They need to find a spectrum below 3 GHz for the deployment of new technologies such as 3G . This will be more difficult and tricky . The 3G systems were proposed to allow for satellite broadband capabilities (BELLEVUE , 2007

This has not yet happened but they have been testing systems to move closer to the idea The United States has is in the middle of deciding which of the many frequency bands is best for the 3G technology Although it works on several , they want to establish one that is trademark of the United States . Our domestic requirements may be different from other nations requirements . The biggest issue is the relationship building issue among nations to conform to many requirements that make this a… [banner_entry_footer]


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