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(Bureau of Justice Statistic , 2007 . The offenders ‘ keeps on increasing yearly that will lead to overcrowding in prison The adoption of probation and parole classification not only reduces offenders but also transforming individual to become rightful citizen Experts say that spending money on treating or training parole violators is more effective than sending them back to prison for typical stays of 90 to 120 days (Sterngold and Martin2005 . I believe this program is more effective because once they are train like in the livelihood programs their attention would be direct into [banner_entry_middle]

earning and it is the legal way of having a job than back to their old activities which unlawful

Finally , the probation and parole classification can give benefits to the government and community in having later on a responsible citizen The new community with safety environment and productive life will be observed . On the part of the offenders who are successfully undergone the probation and release as parole will have a recover self esteem That is why most of the countries embrace parole and probation classification because of the benefits it can give


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Parole and Probation… [banner_entry_footer]


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