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Management Minor Program Application

My interest in applying to the Management Minor Program began when I enrolled in a management course in the pursuit of my degree . Before enrolling in Management 5 I had not considered the possibility of pursuing such a degree . I have always been interested in one day opening my own business , but I did not realize how much knowledge and skill needs to be obtained through education in to be successful at management . Once I took this course , however , I developed a deep and abiding interest in the [banner_entry_middle]

area of management and how it relates to business as a whole . I realized that in for one to be successful in their professional life , especially in the business realm , then one must learn about management and how important it is to the success of a company . Without this skill , I knew I would never be able to excel in a position where any type of management was required . I immediately understood how useful a minor in Management would be

In terms of my undergraduate education , I know that my participation in the Management Minor program will greatly enhance my knowledge of business and marketing . It is an important aspect of any career path because every realm of business requires there to be management and supervision . I feel that earning a minor in Management will give me an edge in the job market and help me find a successful and rewarding career . My eventual goal is to open my own business and because of this management and the study of its concepts and applications is essential even crucial , to the success of a small business . The critical part of management , to me , is that it teaches me conceptual skills that I do not possess . The study of it will help me to learn effective ways of communicating with employees and styles of management , as well as the theories behind them . In this way , I can then make a more educated decision about how to run my own business and how to structure the workplace environment . The Management Minor Program will enhance my ability to succeed in business

When I was working for a phone card company I was struck by how little I knew of management . While I possess the technical skills to be successful in such a position , I did not possess conceptual skills needed to truly do well in the job . Management is the study of these conceptual skills and the knowledge that I would need in to manage a company or corporation , everything from the technical aspect to the communications aspect . I feel it will give me a head start on achieving my goal of becoming a business owner and employer . One of the most important aspects of management for me to learn is how to handle situations with other people and how to manage all aspects of business from the interpersonal skills to the marketing , from the financial aspects to the… [banner_entry_footer]


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